SpicePlus 2520, the new generation of DOMINANT LEDs is revolutionizing the Rear Combination Lamp Market

DOMINANT Opto Technologies officially launched the new generation of SpicePlus 2520. Spice Plus 2520 is set to make Combination Lamps sharper and brighter than they currently are. Combination Lamps are used in car as Tail lamps, Stop Lamps, Center High Mounted Stop Lamps, Turn Signals and Rear Fog Lamps, therefore these enhanced features of the SpicePlus 2520 will be essential for any Combination Lamp’s performance and aesthetic values. While having an advantageously diminutive size, it outperforms its predecessors and similar products in the market. It displays standout performance in terms of brightness, durability and reliability, despite its smaller outline.  Spice Plus 2520 will also find a big portfolio in the new emerging car body lamp applications.

A key feature of the SpicePlus 2520 is its single footprint. DOMINANT is the first LED manufacturer to offer product families with a single footprint across 5 different power levels (0.1W, 0.2W, 0.5W, 1W, 2W) and 3 different colors (Amber, Yellow, Super Red). This spectrum of options with just a single footprint would cover the full array of Rear Combination Lamp applications. With a “One Package Fits All” concept, circuit design would be simplified, giving the customer cost advantages. 

Another notable feature of the SpicePlus 2520 is its low thermal resistance and excellent heat dissipation properties. When compared to the conventional packages like the PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) product, given the same driving conditions, Spice Plus 2520 is able to maintain a higher luminous flux for a longer duration.  Spice Plus 2520 hence luminates with the lowest thermal resistance in the market. This lower driving current will reduce the total power consumption of a car.

In line with new market design trends, Spice Plus 2520 miniature size is a perfect match and the perfect solution for customers.  Its smaller package outline, with a package height of only 0.7mm and dimensions of 2.5mm(L) x 2.0mm(W), opens the window for customers to have more stylishly narrow and slim designs.

The low power series SVx-HHG (0.1W), SVx-MHG (0.2W) & SVx-SHG (0.5W) share one common optical center while the 2 high power series SVx-TZHG (1W) and SVx-WZHG (2W) share another common optical center. With this standardized footprint and same optical center, customers can simplify the optical, lens, lamp design, ease replications, reuse design modules and pattern platforms, resulting in cost savings  for car manufacturers across the various areas.

Spice Plus 2520 is given a new lead frame and a special solder pad that has enhanced its package robustness with a 1.5x higher package shear strength over similar sized LEDs with standard solder pads. This gives a more robust and reliable system that would increase customer satisfaction and their overall sales.

Spice Plus 2520 has an excellent brightness maintenance over temperature. These impressive features raise Spice Plus 2520 to be far better than any conventional package and even one of the best in the market.  Spice Plus 2520 is the excellent choice for designs that currently utilize the PLCC package. Spice Plus 2520 is officially released and is now available in the market.