Dominant in Electronica 2018

Date: 31 October 2018 Category: Tradeshow & Events

Dominant Opto Technologies recently participated in the Electronica 2018 Exposition which was held in Munich, Germany from 13th to 16th Nov 2018.

With the slogan Experience Digital Transformation”, Dominant launches its most advanced LEDs yet - the seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver), the NagaJo series and the PrimaxPlus Bi-Color series.

i) seddLED – Smart Embedded Digital Driver

seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver) is the world’s first digital LED designed with the combination of LED, LED driver and advanced communication link integrated into a single package. Perfectly crafted with self-diagnostic and auto temperature compensation functions and a simple application layout with no additional components required, seddLED can be calibrated to a specific color coordinates and luminous intensity according to customers’ requirement.

Breaking away from conventional LED designs, seddLED demonstrates a new digital LED concept in creating dynamic light animation for automotive applications ideally for autonomous vehicle technology which the automotive industry is turning its focus on and transitioning into.

seddLED 3.0

With the growing demand for dynamic lighting effects and significant cost reduction, Dominant introduces the seedLED 3.0, a total new platform in automotive LED illumination with its full Design Eco System as shown in Figure 3.

The fundamental initiative behind seddLED 3.0 is to overcome the existing solution which is complex and slow in communication speed when creating certain lighting effects.

With state-of-the-art technology, seddLED 3.0 is fulfilling the automotive requirement for high speed communication (2Mbit/s) and low emitting bus system in the development of digital LEDs for future cars.

In addition, seddLED 3.0 is designed to generate full RGB color spectrum according to CIE standard.

i) NagaJo series & PrimaxPlus Bi-Color

Dominant is consistently and continuously devoting time and resources in the innovation of high performance LEDs.

NagaJo series is conceived and released to support the market demand for superior light performance and excellent heat dissipation (Figure 4). With small package outline and enhanced durability, it is an ideal choice for high and low beam headlights application.

Another innovative product, PrimaxPlus Bi-Color series is designed to emit dual color for different functions in a single package. With its high luminous flux output, PrimaxPlus is at the forefront of today’s LED technology. Small package outline, it is an ideal choice for rear combination lamp, DRL & turn signal applications. 

i) Zero Binning

This year, Dominant made a breakthrough by achieving Zero Binning for LED which was announced during the exhibition (Figure 5). This will eliminate all cumbersome color binning at each color temperature and enhance the design cycle by offering one luminous intensity and one color bin to customers and at the same time, meeting OEM requirement for the luminous intensity (cd/m2) tolerance of +/-20%.  

One of the examples of application with Zero Binning LED is HVAC instrument panel as shown in Figure 6. This will also solve color shifting issue due to extreme dimming, by varying DC with resistor.

Sample lead time will also be improved as process will be reduced due to no grouping combination. Moreover, with one grouping resistor and LED, it also provides solution to the inventory challenges faced by customers and suppliers.