seddLED3.4 A3D-MHG & seddLED3.5 A3E-THG New Product Release

Naturally adapting cabin light colour elevates visual comfort and travelling experience. The goal of DOMINANT newest seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver) product is to provide a thinner, brighter, and more easily manufacturable product for its customers. Two new products introduced in this family is the slim package seddLED3.4 (A3D-MHG-2000-1) and the world’s first high power smart RGB LED seddLED3.5 (A3E-THG-60-1), with the latter expected to have a large application in cabin RGB projection systems. 

Fig 1:  seddLED3.4 and seddLED3.5 footprint and design       

As DOMINANT is the pioneer in developing Digital RGB LEDs, these products are compatible to ISELED® communication link integrated systems. The seddLED3.4 is pre-calibrated to D65 White Color Point at 2000mcd, while the seddLED3.5 at 60lm. Since the products are pre-calibrated, it has no disparities and therefore the added manufacturing advantage of zero flux binning.

Power saving is key to any new product development, and this can be achieved by utilizing DOMINANT seddLED3.4. This LED illuminates at high brightness for its package size. With enhanced brightness output current consumption is optimized, reducing power. Its slim package height plus linear chip arrangement will put in in the perfect position for RGB light strip optical designs. The package comes with improved thermal resistance. 

Meanwhile seddLED3.5, in a superior package design, achieves a small light emitting area and is targeted for RGB projection applications. This high-performance package design has excellent heat dissipation. Plastic Omnium, an ISELED® Alliance member won the innovation award at CES 2024 in the “In-Vehicle Entertainment” category for its dynamic interior dashboard projection system using DOMINANT seddLED3.5. 

Fig 2:  seddLED3.4 and seddLED3.5 features 


Both come with self-diagnostic functions, auto temperature compensation, are manufacturing friendly and supported by Full Design Eco System. While the package size is reduced, its performance improves in every aspect compared to the current generation of products. 

Fig 3:  Current seddLED3.4 A3D vs the previous A3A gap analysis 


 Fig 4:  Image of RGB lighting in car as created by Plastic Omnium         




DOMINANT latest seddLED will satisfy the markets demand for brighter yet smaller and thinner packaged LEDs. Both seddLED3.4 and seddLED3.5 is set for release in April 2024.